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Danielle Fitzpatrick

wedding planner

Danielle Fitzpatrick

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I can be involved in your dream wedding as little or as much as desired. I can provide everything from ideas and contac

I am a 28 year old woman who decided that wedding planning was going to be my career. I really enjoyed entertaining and planning parties and had good organisational skills and great attention to detail so I looked into it and began my course.

My attitude towards wedding planning is to help take the stress away and help the bride and groom. To provide a service that can either assist the planning or completely plan a wedding depending on the level of help needed. To help couples think of new ideas or hep carry through a theme, help with budgeting, booking and tasting & trying, traditions & religions and much more.

I Have 9 Gcse's and 2 A-Levels. I also have grades in piano and trombone and enjoy playing the guitar for fun. I attended ballet for a few years.

I have planned many sucessful events so far and have great experience. Some include baby showers, hen and stags, kids parties & themed parties which i throughly enjoyed. I get a great sense of accomplishment out of event planning.


I am an event and wedding planner.

A consultation is always best to determine what level of planning someone wants.
I can help with theme ideas for parties, decorations, catering, entertainment, venues and budgeting.
I can also plan outings or holidays which usually are for stag and hens.
I can plan an entire wedding and give ideas for different weddings, from themed to very religious.