Testimonials for Lailanie Idemne

I am so glad that you were able to extend your help and creativity.You are not just a Wedding Planner.. You are also an excellent Event Coordinator. Your talents have made my big day a very unique one, but most of all for showing me your love and support during my special day. "Either by being there or remembering with your generosity" Thank you so much for being part of my Sweet Eighteen! You will always be remembered. I will definitely hire you when I get married...

Nelly Torrefranca -BSHRM (June 2007) Philippines

"Thank you so much for all your preparations and love during my 90th birthday! Its always nice to have you as my very artistic granddaughter who would come and celebrate my special day with me. The personal touch of your creative ability will always remain in my heart" with Love Grandma I will recommend you to others not just a wedding planner but an event planner as well.

Julieta Deypabulos Idemne (July 2009) Philippines

Lailanie, you are great! Thank you for being part of our wedding experience... thank you for the details that you have shared, from the pins to organizing every little things before and during the ceremony. I hope and pray that your talents and enthusiam will benefit others as well as your self. And your desire to triumph other through your creativity and generousity!

Troy & Redeem , New York-New Jersey (August 2008)

Lan, It's been 4 years already since we got married. Your selfless dedication for us means a lot. You have shown us your best talents without any hesitations or restrictions. Thank you for your support; my Maid Of Honor/our Singer/our Wedding Planner. Your presence have helped us endure throughout our budget, decoration, organization, etc. May you continue to bless others with your God given talents... You are one in a Million ; )

Francis and Rosemary (June 2005 , NY)

Neng Joie, wow! you are now a professional wedding planner!!! a New Yorker Wedding Planner, indeed!!! I think it's been 10 years that you have organized our wedding. It was just your hobby back then, but you have assisted us greatly. I will def recommend Neng Joie (as we call her back in the Philippines)

AL & CON (Oct. 2000, Philippines)

Lai, the "on the spot" wedding coordinator works for us. Our big day won't be successful if you never came : ( Your love and support for us will be treasured. There's no such thing as a perfect wedding, but you, being there for us made our day a memorable and a perfect one! You have blessed us with your many gifts, so better use it for God's glory until He comes. Two thumbs up for LAILANIE!!

Aron & Shelly (10-08-2001/ Philippines)

What a beautiful job you did on the bouquets at our wedding in '07. We appreciate all your efforts to make our special day even more memorable and beautiful. You have a real gift for decorating. If Sonia and I ever decide to renew our vows, we'll call you!

D&S , New York

What more can I ask for? Lailanie is one of a kind... She has been so gracious to us from the time we got enganged until the day we got married. Thank you, Lailanie: )

Jeri & Mar / 7-2002 New York

I had the privilege and honor to have the services of Lailane Idemne for our Silver Anniversary. She displayed exquisite taste ranging from flowers, laces and candles. The musical selection was also filled the party with an atmosphere of grand romance. Sumptuous American-Asian cuisine satisfied our guests’ appetitive. The variety at the bar was an equally big hit. The cake really took the show because it was as beautiful as it was delicious. I highly recommend Ms. Idemne if they wish their night to be unforgettable.

JR & Marie Galang