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Becky Pritchard

event planner , wedding planner

Becky Pritchard

London, ON

My passion is to make your fairy tale come true!

My name is Becky and I want to help you have the event/wedding of your dreams! I remember growing up and dreaming about my wedding! I used to dress up all the time!
Now - as a blossoming event/wedding planner - I can envision making all your dreams come true! Whether you want to be a princess with a tiara or you want an "on-the-go" Vegas-style wedding ... you've come to right gal!

I was born and raised in Canada. As the oldest of 2 in my family, I enjoyed having a little sister to mentor. My parents have been married 30+ years and it was such a privileged to be able to plan their vow renewal ceremony. I LOVE to travel and have been to many areas of the United States. I would LOVE to travel overseas someday!

I completed my high school diploma in 2001. After that I went to private school and gained some education about my chosen religion. I graduated from that in 2005. I have completed a course for event/wedding planning and I am ecstatic! This has been a dream of mine for a VERY long time!

I have planned two weddings so far. The first was the wedding of Eddie and Judy Jones in May 2009. I was very nervous about "pulling it off", but I managed to succeed and had some wonderful compliments at the end of the evening! My second experience was planning my friend, Beverly's wedding! That was Decemeber 2010. Having completed most of my planning course, I was more confident this time around! As always, with large scale events, there were a few hiccups - but mostly the day went off without a hitch!

I do have clientele lined up in the next 12-18 months. :)


My services are endless right now. I am sure I will have to narrow them down as I decide what path is best suited for me - but for now, please feel free to approach me regarding any sort of event.

You deserve nothing but the best. Let me help make your fairy tale come true with a personalized, unique and extraordinary event to be remembered!


Because I am still reletively new, I will be charging based on my experience. My price list is as follows:

Each couple is entitled to 1 FREE hour of consultation, whether they choose to hire me or not.
Additional Hour(s): $35/ea

When it comes to the final month of planning - you may just be about to throw your hands up in the air and wanna give up. Calling me in to help for those last few days might be your saving grace.
Cost: $550*

Maybe you'd like me to only be there on your special day to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch (though I can't promise no hiccups!) ... if that's the case, then don't hesitate to call me!
Cost: $700*

FULL WEDDING CO-ORDINATION (from beginning to end)
If you are N.I.D. - not into details ... and you just want someone to help make all the decisions and do all the "hard work" ... then hire me on to make your planning process run smoothly from start to finish.
Cost: $1000*

*a 50% deposit will be required for "MONTH-OF" 2 weeks before your wedding date, and full payment must be received by the business day before your wedding.
*a 50% deposit is required for "FULL-DAY-OF" 2 months before your wedding, and full payment must be received 1 full week before your wedding date.
*a 50% deposit is required for "FULL WEDDING CO-ORDINATION" 2 months before your wedding, and full payment must be received 1 full week before your wedding date.


I want to highly recommend Miss Rebecca Pritchard as a wedding planner. She was my wedding planner for my wedding in May of 2009. Being stressed to the max, as we had a very short engagement, she took over and organized everything beautifully! I could not have done this without her. She is very organized, romantic hearted, has the capability to see past all the emotions and remain calm and to help people stay focused. She is very creative in her ideas and was smiling and upbeat the whole ceremony. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good wedding planner. She will be wonderful as this is her natural gifting calling for her life.

Sincerely, Mrs. Judy Jones

The date was set, just a little over 6 months to the wedding date. I booked a flight for my good friend Rebecca to travel in for my wedding from Ontario to Labrador City. At that time I did not know she was enrolled in a wedding planner course and that she would be such a big help to me. As the months passed Becca and I texted and facebooked back and forth trying to decide on music and other little details. The months turned into weeks and I was getting extremely stressed and worried how everything would work out. 8 days before the wedding Becca arrived, thank God she did!! I was so stressed, she calmed me down and helped me figure out what had to be done. She basically took all the stress on her own shoulders. People started asking her the questions and she took care of the stuff I did not want to be bothered with. She informed the bridal party of their responsibility as part a a bridal party! I did not even realize that they had responsibilites ... weren't they just supposed to stand there and look pretty?! :) She wrote up an iteneriary for the day before the wedding so we could know what had to be done last minute and make sure nothing was missed, as well as an itinary for the the day of the wedding for the bridesmaids, bride, groomsmen & groom. The night before the wedding I arranged for myself & Becca to stay at the hotel where the reception was... by the time we finished the rehersal and managed to bring the important things to the hotel I was dropping tired, but we still had to steam the wedding dress.... I fell asleep... Next thing I know it is 4am and as far as I knew my wedding dress was not steamed. I lost my mind...... when I finally went in to talk to Becca, she had told me she had it done already and I could relax and go back to sleep. :D The day of the wedding she kept me calm, made sure everything and everyone was where they had to be. She even cleared the church lobby so I could go use the washroom before the ceremony. She made sure we all knew where we had to be pictures. She took care of the entrance to the reception and the music during the reception and for all the special dances. When something went wrong she fixed it. Becca to the rescue! I would definitely recommend Becca to anyone who wants a 'worry free' wedding... as much as it is possible anyway!

With Love, Mrs. Beverly Maher

We want to highly recommend our daughter to plan your wedding or your special occasion. We were honoured that she helped plan our 30 year vow renewal ceremony for us long before she decided she wanted to get into wedding planning as a career. She was crucial to helping make sure we got in contact with those we wanted to stand with us and she helped see to the small details. We had somewhat of an army in our home that day helping out and Rebecca was involved in all aspects. As if that wasn't enough - she turned around and also stood for us along side her sister, and other family members and friends. She is very dedicated to seeing your vision and thrives on making your dreams a reality. We would suggest her to you for any event you need help orchastrating!

Always, Mr & Mrs David & Kathy Pritchard (Parents)