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Ashley Hurst

event planner, wedding planner

Ashley Hurst


Your wedding, Your way!

Planning my own wedding in twelve months convinced me that while I did enjoy wedding and event planning, I absolutely loved planning weddings. And, I’m really great at planning weddings under pressure, whether it’s in a short period of time, or requiring any unique specifications or circumstances. I love figuring out how to make it work, and help you create the best wedding possible.

I was lucky when I planned my wedding, because not only did I have the knowledge and experience to pull off the day of my dreams, but I knew what I wanted and how to get it. And after watching so many of my friends struggle with their weddings, really? I just wanted to help. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life – emphasis on “happy”, emphasis on “your”, and part of that is having the support and resources you need along the way.

A bride that has the support that she needs, that she can turn to at any time with her worries and concerns, isn’t stressed. And a stress-free bride = a great wedding. A day set aside just for you two, surrounded by the family and friends who love you, and all the little details that make it one of the best days of your life.

My two favorite times during any of my weddings are, 1. When my couple sees each other for the first time. That is always magical. 2. After all the “official” reception events are done, and I see them in the middle of the dance floor and laughing with their friends and family.