Birdcage Staging and Design

Leslea Williams

home stager, interior decorator

Leslea Williams
Coeur d Alene, ID

Dress My Nest, Stage My Cage

A Birds Eye for Interior Design

A vision for decor as sharp as a birds eye! Having trouble selling a home that is empty? Or even occupied in need of a better presentation to prospective buyers. We can provide you a customized results plan and accommodate most budgets. Staging is to please the home buyer, not the Home Owner. Our inventory consists of quality pieces. You will be assured the home will show at it's best.

In addition to Staging we offer Interior Decorating. Are you unfamiliar with color pallets? Have no idea where to start with decorating your space? We do! A true passion of ours will shine through our work and integrity of each and every job we do no matter how big or small. Interior Decorating will transform a wonderful space for the home owners to live in. Making a space look pretty and personalized to you and your home both aesthetically and with functionality.

Hello! We are the owners of Birdcage Staging & Design. Both of us come from the Real Estate industry. We fully understand the escrow process and how essential it is for a home to show in it's best light.
While Leslea is the mastermind behind the design's, Michael is the sweet knight in shining armor to pull inventory. Carry a couch in the snow and you will likely be talking to him to book an appointment.
Both of us are very hands on and involved. We love meeting new people and watching each of our transformations. Can't wait to help you with yours!


We can furnish or use your existing furniture

Stage and Furnish Long Term or Short Term Rentals/AirBnB's



Minor Home Improvement/repairs (Wallpaper, paint etc.)

Option to sell furnished (Buyer purchase)

Interior Decorating

Tailor Quotes to meet your budget


Putting ones home on the market can be stressful and challenging no matter what! When we were looking for staging company for our move we found Michael and Leslea to be the most helpful, quick and knowledgeable to work with! Their response to our need far exceeded our expectations! Beautifully done and very timely setup! We highly recommend them!!

Marilyn P


Cozy and classy. I had no idea where to start. I did not even know my "style". Birdcage was able to pull the things I liked together and create a beautiful home for me. I have used them 4 times now. Twice to stage and twice to interior design. They just nail it every time. Both homes they staged was on the market less than a week and got accepted offers. Not just recommended but the only one I would recommend.



After two months on the market with traffic but no offers, we decided to stage it. Birdcage Staging was there the next day and we were in escrow two weeks later. The feedback was they liked the decorating. I am a staging believer!