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Dzana Madagu

event planner, wedding planner

Dzana Madagu

Northampton, UK

We do it for you affectionately because that's our signature!

Yours affectionately is an exquisite event, card and gift company based in Northampton UK. At Yours affectionately, we do business with one thing in mind: to keep you coming back for more by providing premium event services and ideal gifts for a variety of occasions. We have often been identified as the outstanding event company that ‘puts their heart into everything they do’. Our desire to see the smile on clients’ faces resulting from customer satisfaction following a successful themed party, corporate or wedding event and hear or read the heartfelt words of appreciation, drives us in our quest to continuously develop unique ideas and provide unparalleled exceptional services.

Wedding & Event Planner- Dzana Madagu LLB(Hons)
Planning and Organising Events to Create Lasting Memories

Memories of planning for my wedding day cannot easily be forgotten- my husband and I will cherish the experience for a lifetime. I learnt so much about the importance of planning, getting sound advice and what really counts. We received invaluable support from our parents, family members and friends made a huge difference to the outcome on the wedding day. It was not so much about the event but that the people behind our big event made the difference, even after ‘the dust settled’ from the saga. Their careful support, coordination and heartfelt desire to see us have the best further kindled the flare and inspiration in me to run with ideas and unique concepts during our wedding preparation with a view to eventually organise, coordinate weddings and other special events such as birthday/milestone parties, dinners (formal and informal), baby showers, fund raising etc with fresh ideas, creativity, careful planning attention to detail on a professional level. From choosing the particular stationary to special gifts for the bridal party, planning our wedding was a rich, enlightening experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

I had the opportunity to coordinate out of town guests for my older brother’s wedding which was another pointer in the event planning direction because again I discovered that I derived so much joy from ensuring the burden of planning and coordinating a category of guests for the wedding event was taken off the bride and groom. I was privileged to ‘unleash’ some flavour and fresh sparkling ideas to spice up the wedding planning. I am pleased to say it was a very successful project as well. Another unforgettable experience I had was decorating the wedding night suite for my older sister, complete with surprise bespoke poetry and scented petals!


Event Planning

At Yours affectionately, we thrive on our efficiency in planning, coordinating and facilitating a variety of events and parties including themed, holidays, birthdays, milestones, showers, anniversaries, etc Our services are personalised to high professional standards with proven track record of success in organising events for individuals and businesses within the corporate sector.

We have at least 7 years experience in organising various events and conferences covering particular aspects like establishing dates and alternate dates, rescheduling at short notice, sourcing for appropriate venues and vendors, coordinating logistics and taking on board client’s requirements. We have keen insight into the intricacies involved in arranging internal and external corporate events which involve prioritising and keeping to tight deadlines. We believe excellence is achievable no matter the unforeseen challenges and a good sense of humour helps to ease pressure which may arise. Our services are guided by the health and safety policies and knowledge of the legal requirements in relation to certain elements required for occasions such as fireworks on new years’ eve parties, at specific locations.

We also develop themes for events as required, arrange speakers and ensure back up plans are always in place. Our client consultation session is essential to understanding the requirements and expectations. With our excellent communication and interpersonal skills, we ensure the synergy between ourselves and our clients is maintained at optimum level. We provide event consultancy services to Non- Governmental Organisations in Africa on youth development projects and various workshops.

Wedding Planning

We take our clients through the planning stages from the moment couples agree to wed up till the time they return from honeymoon. We also specialise in wedding night suite decor. Our excellent professionalism, heartfelt support and reliability have received commendable testimonials. We take the pressure off you, so you can put your feet up with a free bridal pamper session and a ‘Be Organised Bridal Pack ’ on discount with inspiring titles for each stage of planning making it fun and memorable, a journal and other pre wedding essentials.

A wedding ceremony is a cherished and memorable event, a day set aside for the bride to enjoy her day, look extremely gorgeous, next to her groom, have the support from family and friends while her wishes and dreams of an unforgettable occasion is actualised. It can be a daunting experience particularly for the bride who would love a unique and memorable wedding. At Yours affectionately you can be sure your expectations will be met and even exceeded within your budget because as mentioned, we put our heart into everything we do. You’ll discover on your big day that there’s nothing like knowing besides your husband, family and friends, you also have us supporting who are yours affectionately!

Wedding Stationary & Accessories

We understand the need to create a lasting impression on the quality and style of your wedding day so we have done our careful research to select a variety of wedding stationary to match your chosen theme, giving your guests an idea of the tone for the day and also your personal taste. We provide wedding keepsakes, favours, unique table décor and floral bouquet for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Assorted Gifts

Our collection of assorted gifts, bags and gift packaging concepts will heighten the thrill and excitement building up to your big day, whether its for Mr or Mrs, the bridal train, parents, friends, colleagues, to say thank you for making your day, we have a wide rang of unique gifts to select from. We also specialise in gift packages labelled with memorable themes such as: Just because, Embraceable you, Merry Moments, Summer Breeze, Autumn Leaves, Stardust all over you, Cloud 9+1, Loving you again & again, Endless Romance, Midsummer Boulevard, etc

Our corporate gifts are carefully sourced from the best manufacturers and specially packaged/wrapped to premium standards.

Bespoke Greeting Cards & Bookmarks

Either choose from a variety of premium quality paper and unique designs with the option of bespoke greeting card verses and poetry or from our best selling online collection. We love the earth so eco- friendly carbon neutral paper that supports the environment is also used for some of our cards and bookmarks.

Why Choose Us?

We are a name associated with premium quality service to professional standard in event & wedding planning.

We offer first class personalised client consultation service.

We take the time to know your needs and requirements and support you with bespoke ideas, creativity and aspire to exceed your wishes, dreams and expectations within your budget.

We strive to make your event or wedding day memorable with our range of products and services by giving you the very best.

Do give us a call to arrange a consultation so we can discuss your ideas, details, theme, budget and other requirements.

And remember, we do it for you affectionately because that’s our signature!


My daughter really enjoyed the themed clubhouse party! She was exhausted by the time we got home and went to bed early. It was really great.

Bindya M

My son had a great time at the clubhouse party and has been talking about it since. He was ready for bed by the time we got home.Thank you for inviting us.

Mr Fox

We cannot thank Dzana enough for the fantastic party she organised for our daughter Vanessa! The party decorations and gifts were suitable for boys and girls. The organisation and coordination were excellent. Most of all, the children all had a marvellous time. Thank you!!!

Winnie & Evans