QC Career School

Chantal Bergeron

event planner , wedding planner

I am not only working to make your dream come true, but mine as well.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Chantal and I've recently become a professional event and wedding planner. I am 25 and have had an inexplicable passion for this business industry for the past three years. After realizing this, I've come to terms with myself that it was time to take the leap into a career change to fulfill my urge of happiness. I am ready to take on the world of event and wedding planning and exceeding all of both our personal and professional expectations by taking charge and knowing you and all of the opportunities possible. I will work hard for you and perfect your vision. Let me make your dreams come true.

I was born in Orleans, Ontario but have lived in Gatineau, Quebec for the past 12 years. All to say that I've been here in Canada my whole life. I know this is where I am meant to be and want to stay for the rest of my life. After high school, I went to college, to university, to a trade school, to working full time in an industry I don't want to be working in my whole life. So, I took the steps and completed the QC Event and Wedding Planning course to start a new, happier and much more fulfilling chapter in my life. I know and will prove that hiring me will be the experience you're looking for.


I will be able and want to provide you with such services as small as a birthday party, a theme party , a family reunion or as big as a concert, a fund raiser, a ball, a gala, a trade show, a wedding, etc. I love and can do it all. Each service will include everything from the consultation, to the organizing/planning of the event, to the updates, to the budget, to the completion, realization and success of the event, to the after testimonial and making sure everything was to your satisfaction. To make sure that it's up to your expectations, for a smaller event, we will need a few planning months. For a bigger event, we need to give ourselves even more time; at least a year for a wedding for example. E-mail me as soon as today to plan your next event.