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Eva Zatyko

Edmonton, AB

Move Your Stuff, Change your Life

As a kid, I always wanted to know more about the world, and the environment we live. Then as I got older, I became more curious about reading a balance in my life and enhancing my energy. I made life-changing decisions I decided to study Feng Shui so I started to read Feng Shui books.Then started implementing the rules of Feng Shui myself, and the results were immediate.

I finished numerous course for deeper understanding what is Feng Shui and how it is work,as well as Interior design ,and Interior Decorating .My education ; Interior Design Alfa Kapos Kft , Interior Decorating Stratford Career Institute ,Numerology 101 Universal Class ,Metamorfozis Feng Shui Skultety Andrea , Feng Shui 101 Universal Class ,Classical Feng Shui for Beginners Udemy, Feng Shui Bagua Master Class with James Jay ,Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist Ultimate Academy ,Practical Feng Shui for Modern Living Lillian Too's Mandala , Feng Shui Consultant IAP Career College ,and started QC Career School .Three years ago I started with my own business Feng Shui Consultation ,Home Staging with Feng Shui .
Through my Eva Feng Shui Business, I helped many people and changed many lives.
My first experiment in Edmonton was to save a Business from Bankruptcy, and we had success.
My dreams are to use and to teach my knowledge and experience in a making a difference in a people’s life.


Personal Or Personalized Feng Shui $ 399
This consultation included one visit to your home.If you have sick people in your home, or simply you want more success in your life then Personalized Feng Shui it s for you. I give you detailed information your best and wrong directions, your colours,where should you put the bed, sofa, stove etc.Map and your colours for each family members (1-4), and writing report 20-30 page.This information, it’s based on your birth date, and you can use your entire life.

Private Consultation For Home & Business $799
This consultation including two visits to your Residence or Business.
On this Consultation we can generally tell you what problems you are experiencing as directions and placement of your building and environment will tell us what sort of problems you may have, whether it be health, relationship or wealth. We will then go on the inspection of the property and grounds where you will be advised of colours, placement of furniture or objects and use of the five elements. The end result of a good consultation will be very subtle changes using all of the above, the property will not look forced or unnatural. A Residential Consultation includes an on-site assessment, thorough analysis of the space, diagnosis, and a final report 30-70 pages with actionable items. Residential consultations are effective for personal residences, vacation homes, or investment properties, new property evaluations, pre-purchase consultations, home staging for selling purposes, and ongoing updates.

Full Feng Shui Consultation $ 699
This is the most popular service I offer. As a Feng Shui specialist, I visit the residence to gather information that is used to make comprehensive recommendations. The following is included in the consult:
• Analysis of the placement of fire in the home (stove, BBQ, fireplaces etc)
• Initial one visit to your home (1 – 2 hrs)
• Identify most prosperous entry point
• Personalized Feng shui
• Optimum colours to use and furniture placement especially beds, lounges and desks
• Best areas to assist study, career, health and fertility issues
• Detailed 30 –50-page report (you can use 5-6 years )
• Ongoing phone and email support (1hr)
• Free gift

Home Staging With Feng Shui starts at $399
Applying Feng Shui home staging basics to your home before you place it on the real estate market can bring positive and harmonious energy to those who enter your home. Make a quicker home sale by applying staging and Feng Shui tips to your house design. Simple changes in the selection and placement of furniture, accessories, and the use of color will improve the flow of energy through your home and the way people feel as they enter.

Feng Shui Course For Beginner $999
Feng Shui for Beginners is an empowering set of tools to help you live and work in harmony with your environment; to enable the subtle energy surroundings to work for you rather than against you. This course will help you understand how chi (vital energy) moves through your environment allowing you to create the positive changes you desire in your life by using colour, light, space, shape, symbolism and the power of personal intention. This harmony is created by learning how to determine which elements in your homework for you or against you, as well as the various colours and types of surfaces that should be used within your home. Finally, you will learn how to cleanse your home of not only clutter but also ill spirits and memories that may be inhibiting you.

Feng Shui Advanced Course $499
Throughout this course, you will learn how to use Feng Shui in your personal life step by step. Each lesson will guide you through the next step in the process of Feng Shui. From determining whether you are in or yang, what type of occupation you have, to the type of personality you have based upon your birth date you will learn how all of these elements combine and how to harmonize them in your home. Additionally, you will be able to assess other members of your family living in your home and harmonize your birth element with the others in your home.