Phoebe Yuen

wedding planner

Phoebe Yuen
Richmond, BC

"It's beauty that captures your attention,
personality which captures your heart."

My name is Phoebe. All my friends love to call me Bee, because I work hard on everything like a "Busy Bee." As an event & wedding planner, I love to encourage my clients to be a part of the creative design process from start to finish, so their special day will elegantly reflect their individual style and flair. I work with clients every step of the way through the planning process, taking your personal vision and translating it into an elegant and inspired event. Simple chic yet unique describes my style best.

I came to Vancouver when I was 8 years old with my family. I have one elder sister, Brenda. She has a totally different personality than me and she always tell me, "Phoebe, you have good patience with people and have a great sense of creativity, you should use your talents."

I originally wanted to study nutrition to become a nutritionist, but art is my true passion. You have the rest of your life to live doing what you love best, why not make it your occupation?

With a background in Early Childhood Education and psychology, and event planning, I am the best person to understand your desires while being patient and sensitive to the needs of my clients. In addition to these credentials, I have also involved in coordinate numerous weddings and special events, such as baby shower, bridal shower and birthdays for both adults and children.

"Success comes in CANS, not CANT'S"


I have to say planning a wedding can be fun and exciting as well as overwhelming and stressful. I know because I was once a bride too. I am at your service to keep your stress to a healthy minimum. I will guide you through the planning process ,offer knowledge, experience, support and encouragement all along the way

I am excited about assisting you in organizing all the elements of your events while offering you creative suggestions, cost saving alternatives and negotiating the best prices with vendors.

I offer different packages to suit your wedding needs and budget.

If you want me to swing my magic wand, and make your day as perfect as your dreamed, I AM HERE.

If you need a little assistance with your planning, I AM HERE.

If you want to have someone to oversee on your wedding day only, I AM HERE.

If you want to know more, I AM HERE.
Please email me for a free consultation.
Let's begin and make your dream come true.