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Angelica Sori


here to make your natural and terrifyingly beautiful makeup dreams come true!

Hello hello! My name is Angie I'm 25 years old and I am a anime nerd, occult loving weirdo who loves to and want to bring everyday glam out and about! My whole self and brand is about making it glorious to be dramatic and bold in public, to try new things and love it. I also want darker looks to be adored, as a person who's part of the occult and goth community, they embody the essences of " show it off" be " terrifyingly dramatic" but comfortable.

Although born and raised in NYC I for now live in Albany NY and have been in love with makeup for what i think is forever! Though I am still learning I feel I can make you say wow look at me!


My services : Before all services I like to meet or at least chat via. text whatever makes you comfortable about what you'd like and what your vision for your look is. I use only cruelty free makeup!

Besides the regular price, there is a booking fee that guarantees your spot a simple $10-15 dollar put down depending on the booking type made on the day of booking and then the full amount is due a week before the booking day.

All makeup sessions whether over phone or in person I will have you fill out a form for me telling me of any skin problems, skin type and allergy's before hand as well as any sensitive parts of your face so we know what to take slowly when applying :)

Custom Makeup application:$ 40, this includes using or not using your own makeup ( lashes are an extra 10 for the pair) and a full price list and name of every makeup brand i used on you for your own personal use :) time : 30 minutes-40 minutes

Glam it up :$ 80 Involves using a brand that you've always wanted to use, as well as lashes and a lip item that I'd like you to keep -(40 minutes)

"Free for all" $100: This service is more for the person who just felt the need to " treat yo self" and wants an out of the box look with me having creative power over it, going with colors and looks you'd say " no way" or " that'd never look good on me" also includes using new makeup you always wanted to try! -1 hour

" Bring out my darkness" 150: This application is for the folks who'd love to dive into the world of goth and occult makeup, the dark but dramatic full face, whether for an event or just for fun! -( 1 hour)

Prom $60: Anything from glam to a light look, for that perfect prom! this includes using makeup of your choice yours or a new brand and lashes!-( 30 Minutes)

Editorial or character: $180, this includes all new makeup being used, normal and or theater makeup. As well as a before hand trial of the makeup look decided, with this application and in person meeting is mandatory as we will go over a face chart and take before pictures of the face and after pictures that you can keep if ever needed again as reference. - 1 hour and 30 minutes + ( depending how in depth the makeup is)