Testimonials for Elsie Ofulue

Wow! Thank you Elsie. Having 'Event on Wheels' co-ordinate my wedding was really a big relief. My husband and I still wonder what would have happened if you didn't take over. xx

Tyna Chyke

Thank you for helping Plan my mum's 50th birthday surprise party. Looking forward to the surprise you are also planning for my brother's birthday. You indeed take us to a world of happy ever after.


What can i say? My Bridal shower was so wonderful that I am still basking in the euphoria of it. Thanks Elsie, i am looking forward to my wedding more than ever and you can bet i will be back to leave a comment. xx


Thank you Elsie for giving me a fabulous wedding. Everything was indeed perfect from the fun bridal shower to the wedding itself. I am glad i listened to you as i am the better of it. Meanwhile some people met at my wedding and have fallen in love. u can be sure u are planning this wedding. tnx.xxx

Pat Nov 14th'09

Hi Elsie!!! It's me again i told you i will drop a line after my wedding. All i can say is wowwwww!!! Thank you so much!

Nelly Oct 24th'09