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Kirsty Paterson's Art

Kirsty Paterson

airbrush makeup artist, makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Kirsty Paterson


Hello there my names Kirsty Paterson. I am 17 years old and live near Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been studying Makeup artistry for 6 years now. I specialize in SFX makeup artistry as well as facepainting and body art.

I am the owner and creator of 'Kirsty Paterson's Art' page on Facebook and have been running the page since March 2015.

As a child I had always watched films like 'The Grinch', 'The Wolf man' and 'The Mask'. I was fascinated by how the actors would completely change from looking normal to some type of mythological or fairy tale creature.

As I grew older through my years in High school I loved Art and Design the most. I always had an overactive imagination and an extremely creative mind. This helped me excel through different Art projects developing my skill as a makeup artist.

I always wanted to grow up to be an important figure and help promote causes that I believed in. I use my Facebook platform to promote awareness for domestic abuse, mental wellness and I encourage children to be more imaginative and creative. This is all done through different makeup looks.


. Fancy Dress
. Halloween SFX Makeup
. Halloween Face painting
. Custom made prosthetics
. Childrens birthday parties