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Candice Zhang

makeup artist

The Makeup land better than Candy land.

Candice Zhang is a makeup-artist specializing in bridal and special events makeup. Whether you want to look great for your wedding day or prom, Candice will guarantee to offer you a relaxing service filled with tips and tricks on certain techniques. At the end of the day, Candice will be able to lend a helping hand and ensure that you will have a ‘sweet’ time.

Ever since a young age, Candice loved the appearance of makeup. Before dance recitals, she would eagerly sit in front of the teacher, begging her to apply makeup continuously. After the application, Candice became fascinated by how the products transformed her appearance. Although the idea of makeup artistry faded over her teenage years, Candice reunited with it after working at Canada’s Wonderland. From there, she began to practice her skills for hours on friends, siblings and even herself! She hopes that one day, she is able to show the artistic side makeup to the world. When Candice graduates from her Health Studies degree at the University of Toronto, she hopes to expand her makeup business and meet more clients, as well as showcase her enthusiasm for new makeup trends!


Bridal makeup:
Consultation: $50
Unsure about what style of makeup you want on your wedding day? Candice can help you out through the initial consultation! Please share your outfit, venue and makeup inspirations. You can bring pictures and ideas with you. Together, Candice will help you to achieve the look that you desire!
Trial makeup: $75
Want to test out a makeup style before your wedding day? Then book the trial! The trial will consist of false lashes and brow shaping in addition to the full-face makeup. You may request a specific look or style and Candice will try to recreate it for you.
Bride makeup: $100
Really want to look professional and glamorous for your wedding? Candice is able to utilize her skills and enhance your natural beauty. This includes applying false eyelashes...carefully!
Wedding package: $210
Want a consultation and trial on top of the makeup for your wedding day? Guess the wedding package may be right for you then! The initial consultation, trial makeup run, and even the actual makeup on the wedding day is included! However, there is an additional bonus too for the groom (since the groom can get a mini makeover and look fancy)!
Groom makeup: $70
Perhaps the groom should get a makeover and complement the bride on wedding day! Candice is able to highlight facial features, and help you leave with a smile on your face in no time. This is the price if you do not purchase the package, but the groom and bride makeup.
Notes: Booked the wedding package and not satisfied with the makeup trial? Let Candice know what she can change by filling out a form that she will provide.

Makeup for Bridesmaids: $50 each
Do you want your bridesmaids to also feel and look glamorous? Candice will be able to assist with your decision and work with different options!

Makeup Artist for the Day
Rate to be negotiated depending on the length of the event and location!
If you want any touch-ups during your wedding, Candice is able to assist you. If you still want touch-ups but do not want a full service, please opt for the touch-up kit.
Touch-up kit: $50
The touch-up kit includes false eyelashes, a small container of lipstick, eyeshadow, lip gloss and makeup wipes.

Special events makeup:
Ready to meet with your friends and have a fun night? Make sure you look great before you step out the door. But don’t sweat, because Candice will always try her best to prepare you for your celebration! Whether that will be a prom, graduation, or just a night out, Candice will ensure that you are well prepared! The special events makeup includes false eyelash application.
Regular Price: $70
Note: If you are a student, you are eligible for a discount. Please provide Candice with your student ID from your secondary school or postsecondary institution. Depending on the event, you may be eligible for a 20% deduction from the original price.