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Feng Shui In Zone

Adriana De Freitas

feng shui consultant, interior decorator

Adriana De Freitas

Miami Beach, FL

The Perfect Space, in your Home or Works, following your Passions and making the Lifestyle the Magnet that attracts all the Good Things.

I am a Feng Shui Certificate Student, I have been working in that area for many years, in a family business that manufactures furniture and I am really passionate about changing spaces in perfect areas according to each client, the most important thing for me is that my clients feel super comfortable in their spaces.
I have been working in the Interior Design Area for more than thirty years, but over time I was totally convinced that the most important thing is the harmony of the space depending on the client's needs, and that is why through Feng Shui , we managed to perfectly study the spaces to be able to locate and place everything that goes with the decoration.

Create spaces In zone

Where We Use Your Space + Your Emotions = Perfect Space

How do we do it?
  You have to know what IN ZONE is

In Zone is a state that produces extraordinarily successful achievements, often improbable, that defies purely rational explanation.

In this way we managed to establish the guidelines to make your SPACE YOUR ZONE IN


Feng Shui Home
"We Create the Perfect Balance between what you want and what you feel to achieve the perfect Harmony".

Feng Shui Commercial
"Our Goal is to Achieve the Highest Productivity and Pro􀁾t in the Place"

Feng Shui Real Estate
"In the Properties ... We strengthen their appeal and eliminate their defects"

How to Work:

The First Step... EMOTIONS

It is the most important step, we talk with you by phone or by email about the
changes you would like to make in your environment, the emotions you currently
feel in the place and what you would like to change, all this is always easier through
a questionnaire that We send, since in this way it helps you organize your Ideas
more easily.

Send us photos of the Site, in some cases we will request the measurements and
locations of doors, windows and columns, if necessary.

Third Step.. LOCATION
The Feng Shui Process Begins, each of the Areas is studied separately to determine
what should be reinforced. The changes are established and the impact on the place and people is studied, determining whether or not there are other changes to be made

All Set
Fill out the form below & tell me all about the space & life you want. You’ll be contacted.