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Jen.uine Makeup

Jenny Kim-Tran Bui

makeup artist

Jenny Kim-Tran Bui

Brisbane, QLD

Genuine Natural Beauty


My name is Jen and I truly believe that everyone has beauty, it is all about confidence, effort and appreciation. No one is perfect but everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Throughout my life, I have had a lot of challenges when it comes to makeup and my skin which has had a huge impact in being confident in my own skin. I want to help others in making them feel more confident with their own beauty by using makeup but also showing their own natural beauty.


Natural Makeup Look - I would like to teach and guide you on how to create that "No makeup look" using more natural coloured makeup and with less.

Glam Makeup Look - I can do a more dramatic look that is great for "night outs" or for special occasions.