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Michelle Timm

event planner

Michelle Timm

Dayton, NY

Leave the Planning to Me!!!

Hello, my name is Michelle and there's one thing I truly believe are the key ingredients as an successful event planner as it takes authenticity, passion and a sense of humor. I've been in the hospitality industry for a short time, as while being a full time student here at QC Event Schooling in earning my certificate to become an official Event Planner. I love taking care of people, and would love to keep exceeding my clients expectations while working with them and their families in coordinating the right celebration while keeping in mind that the main goal is making the celebration one of a kind yet truly unforgettable. Even though planning events can be stressful at times, I've learned to deal with several family dynamics and serving the purpose of their needs in making the event just right. Producing events is not just about making things pretty, yet thinking about the details in everything, and planning for budgeting purposes. I want to make sure and stand by my word that I will be able to work with anyone's budget in planning the right event that best suits my clients needs. I am all about listening to my clients needs and preferences, as well as adding my own detail in making any event special. I am ready to take several journey's in living the real life style of a true event planner.

Adding little detail about me, is as simple as it gets. I became more and more involved in making several creations including my best hobby which is painting and making other crafts. I would have to say in my down time, you will more than likely see me doing these things to keep my mind at ease. I started painting when I was 12 years old, as I remember sitting at a table watching my grandma paint things that were cut out of plywood. This seemed not hard to do, when one day she told me to pick up a paintbrush and help her paint. This is what I did, and this seemed to be my passion since then. Not only did she think that my painting was good, but she believed in me, she believed I could be just as good as her if not better. On my down time, you'll also see me go camping and doing things with my family. I believe that life is too short, and is an experience, and I'm all about living it!!


Within reason, I come from a small town, Dayton, NY. I am hoping that my event planning skills can and will be seen by many within surrounding areas. I particularly enjoy the south towns as there is so much beautiful sceneries from all of the 4 seasons that we have. I am hoping to extend my event planning expertise heading towards north towns as well. Within reason, I will assure my clients have the best event planner for any event they are looking to have!!