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Maya Patel

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Maya Patel

Creating reality from your dreams.

Maya is an energetic and creative young girl who, from a young age fell in love with making people happy. As a child she would always put on shows and be the centre of attention and family functions. It was because of these family functions as she grew older she would help her parents and grand-parents host them, inevitably always taking control of each one.

Being exposed to such a fun filled environment made Maya's career path very simple, not to say that there have not been bumps along the way but the end goal has always been and will remain to simply make sure people have the best time in the moments that matter the most.

Maya has always been exposed to the events industry through her family activities and her experience, when she was just 12 she completed a two-week work experience course within the Brands and Marketing team for British Airways. During her two weeks she was exposed to the Flying Start and Rooftop cinema club partnership events, after being part of the planning process she was then able to attend them and enjoy the hard work that it took to make the events such a success.

Throughout school she was part of various event planning committees such as her primary school discos (these being yearly) and in high school heading the prom committee, which brings us to college where she was in charge of raising funds for educational trips.

Moving on from her education she then had her first job as a party hostess which she left to gain necessary people skills working in the guest experience department in one of the most hectic environments. For two years she led small teams, trained new staff and helped manage. Her latest adventure takes all her previous experience and allows her to bundle it all up together to be able to use in here day to day work and a conference and events host in Windsor. Successfully executing events and conferences for globally recognised companies from scales of 4 people up to 300 people even reaching to 500 people at a single time.


Maya provides a self-sufficient service on her part; the rules are simple; 1. You tell her your dream and 2. Maya makes it happen. Services can include management, venue sourcing, contacting decorators, liaising with vendors, event coordination, theming and styling, signage, entertainment and communicating with audio/visual providers.

Packages can be created upon request to each clients’ demand.

Price List is as follows:
Venue sourcing – from £120
Decoration – from £150
Vendor sourcing – from £130
Theming and Styling - £50
Entertainment sourcing – from £100
Audio/Visual sourcing – from £150

Fee for event planning and management will be discussed upon initial consultation.

*Additional payment(s) may be added to accommodate further requests*