Autumn Moon Makeup Artistry

Sarah Hall

makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Sarah Hall
Griffin, QLD

Makeup design to enhance every face!

Autumn Moon Makeup Artitstry

There is nothing I love more in this world than being creative, aside from my belief that every single human in the world is perfect as they are!

My goal is not to make you look "perfect" but to make you FEEL perfect! I want to make beautiful people, men and women, feel beautiful, confident and thrilled with the way they look!

I love playing with SFX and bright colours, and will happily do whatever it takes to make you feel sexy, gorgeous and happy!

I've always loved makeup, however tried to tap in to my creativity using other sources (writing, painting, etc.) When I finally bought my first set of high end makeup, I realised just how much fun makeup artistry is!

I am a solo mama of an amazing 8yo girl, who also adores makeup! I have managed to teach her that she's beautiful as she is but she loves playing with colour and creating new styles, as do I!

I am an intuitive empath, which means that when you tell me what you want, I have the ability to know exactly what you mean! I can also create looks for you based on the emotions I pick up from you, if you're not sure what you want!