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Loreta Andruskaite

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Loreta Andruskaite

Planning and executing events with outstanding quality of service.

Thumb through just about anyone's family photo album and you will undoubtedly witness all their lifetime milestones, representations of key events from birth with just about every event or celebration in between.
Big or small, casual or formal, extravagant or intimate, these events are the cornerstones of some of life's most important, most memorable times- times that celebrate accomplishments that reflect individual and family values, dreams, successes, and strengths.

I’m very grateful to my destiny, that over past 15 years I was able to live my dream life, I’ve visited many European countries and further. I had many wonderful opportunities to participate and be invited into very high standard and prestige events, gatherings and ceremonies to celebrate my own and my colleagues high professional achievements.

Eight years ago the birth of a long awaited bundle of joy adjusted my life for a while, returned a motherhood feeling to my heart, brought even more love and warmth into our family.
The feeling was so overwhelming that I wanted to share my happiness with the entire world, our close and far family, friends and business partners.
Shortly after my son was born I started putting my dreams into proper planning of an unforgettable and beautiful christening celebration event.
The plan for my grand event was at the time overwhelming and for the first time I decided that I wouldn’t get away without a professional event organiser’s help.
I am so thankful for all the professional advice we received from the event organiser, with everything from searching for the venue, selecting photographers, stylists, creating event schedules, and all the useful recommendations that she offered and so much more...
Thanks to her professionalism, dedication and ability to listen, shortly after our vision was transformed into reality.

Now my boy is grown up a little I have decided to return back to an active live and exciting new venture incorporating my newly gained experience, training and practice, valuable observations and professional advice, so that I can offer my help to create the most unforgettable family events for you and your loved ones.


offering event planing counsel and advice.

Arranging venues, vendors, setup, guest lists, etc.

Overseeing the event, and solving any unexpected problems.

Managing the entire planning process including consultation, planning and preparation and event coordination.

Handling every aspect of your party design, from room layout and flower displays to linens, furniture and tableware.