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Angelique Jackson

hair stylist, makeup artist

Angelique Jackson

North Wales

Let Me Highlight Your Natural Beauty

Hello everybody my name is Angelique if you are looking for certified makeup artist i am your go to girl. I have a passion for making people feel good and highlighting all of their natural beauty with my special makeup artistry skills. I specialise in Daytime / Evening / Bridal and Glam / Soft Glam.

I am a certified makeup artist from North Wales and have grown up wanting to be in the beauty industry for some time.
I have also had 4 years experience in a hair salon and college where i was keen to learn as many skills as possible. I am very enthusiastic and want the best for myself and my family whilst having your best interests in mind.


Daytime makeup which is makeup you would wear day to day a very natural looks that includes simple colours for lips and eyes such as beige and other nude colours that i could help clients achieve on their own as an everyday look.
Evening makeup very similar to daytime with a few extras such as a red lipstick on the lips or false eyelashes to make these features stand out a little more.
Glam Makeup can be as bold and bright as you want it to be this includes your basic makeup application for example foundation concealer eyebrows and bronze plus any bright eye shadow colours / glitters and shimmers this look also comes with FREE eyelash application. Ideal for a night out in the town,parties,festivals and any special occasion.
Bridal Makeup helping you look to best you possibly can for your special day this includes your consultation service for yourself and any other guests wanting makeup on your day to pick and choose the look you are going for and are happy with the look so come your big day it should be plain sailing.