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Natasha Botbijl

Natasha Botbijl

destination wedding planner, luxury event and wedding planner

Natasha Botbijl

Calgary, AB

Only sourcing the best for your event.

When I am not helping my corporate clients build, host, and profit from amazing events, I am helping my personal clients coordinate and plan high scale destination weddings.

I am the Host of The Dreams to Profits radio show broadcasted on iTunes, i-heart radio, and Spotify, I have been seen on Forbes magazine and I am the founder of Retreats Made Profitable.

I have worked with celebrities, founders, and amazing influences to create, coordinate, and support events, retreats, and conferences all around the world that make a difference to all involved.

I am deeply engaged and create a safe environment for my client’s to explore their inner desires, motivational factors, and awaken their highest event potential.

I am an expert in psychodynamics, events, and retreats, I am able to help my clients create an environment that makes their big ideas possible, enjoyable, and an experience like no other.


corporate event coordinator, retreat host, as well as supporting personal clients with destination & luxury weddings or events.


The event was excellent and proved to be an extremely good use of time. I learned a lot of valuable strategies for not only using technology to automate parts of our business but also how to adjust our business model for long-term increases in sales and conversions. The ideas I picked up at this event really exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend this event to business owners who are interested in new ways to increase sales and grow their audience.

Mark Skauge - SBNS Networking Inc.


As a new business owner, I am overwhelmed by both work and advice. What I really need are concrete solutions to each specific problem slowing me down. This workshop provided me with a solution to my prospect/client contact problems that will really buy me more time in my business.

Kerry Oxford – Oxford Inspections


Natasha was a pleasure to work with. As soon as she came onboard she made a difference. As a client and participant in an event she worked on, she made everything easy, was great at troubleshooting, solving problems on the spot and avoiding them even arising - all with a smile and in the most professional way. She quickly became an important point of reference for everyone involved.

Donna Brown - www.donnabrown.com


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