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Tasha Alvarado

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Tasha Alvarado
Jacksonville, FL

Rooms Are Made To Be Decorated

Hello Future Clients,
My name is Tasha Alvarado and I am a professional Interior Decorator and Design Consultant. I will bring your space to it’s fullest potential by using the decor you already possess or I can implement a fabulous new design with your available budget. Either way, you will receive a professional and clean new design for you to enjoy!


I offer Design consultation to approach your new design with attention to great details regarding your design needs. You have the option of Decorating makeovers with a set financial budget or a Room ReDesign for limited purchase budget or no purchase budget. With my previous 5 year experience as an Event Design Coordinator, I have mastered the art of using a small budget to create a big Design impact. I also specialize in maximizing small spaces.