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fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Sonya Splitt
Littleton, CO

The path to style and the freedom to be uniquely you begins here

Hello, and welcome to Sonya’s Closet! I am so happy you stopped by! Get ready for an all out style experience. I am here to help and guide you on your personal style journey. Together we can create your dream wardrobe with both new pieces and pieces from your closet that you already love. I am a firm believer that ALL body types are beautiful. Clothing is an outward expression of the beauty within. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the world of fashion, shall we?

Style is deeply personal, and I have always believed that. Since a very early age, I have loved expressing myself through fashion, hair and makeup. I have my Certified International Makeup Artist qualification from QC Academy, and I’m currently working on my Certified International Fashion Stylist qualification from QC as well. I have several years of clothing retail experience, including management. I have been a freelance makeup artist for 3 years now, but have been involved in the industry since 2006. Thank you again for visiting my website, and I look forward to working with you!



Seasonal Wardrobe Re Set: (Spring/Summer Fall/Winter)

Details: For this service, we will strategically take stock of your closet, and donate or re-sell what doesn’t inspire you. From there, we’ll create several outfits with the pieces you already have and love for the seasons ahead! Afterward, we can schedule a personal shopping session to fill in the gaps with what you need if you would like.

Price: $65/ hr (2 hr minimum)

Personal Shopping:

Details: Let’s have some fun! With this service, we will meet at your favorite shopping center or store. I’ll arrive early and put together several outfit options based on a collaborative questionnaire done beforehand. From there, you will try on gorgeous clothes and accessories and select the perfect ensembles for any occasion based on your budget! This service lasts up to 4 hours.

Price: $60/ hr + $50 pre shop fee

Shop your closet:

Details: Do you feel confident in your wardrobe as a whole, but need help putting those great pieces together? Together we’ll simply style what you already own. You will receive up to 25 looks with those great pieces!

Price: $60/ hr (2hr minimum)

Create a Capsule Wardrobe:

Unleash your inner minimalist! We’ll work together to create and streamline a seasonal (Fall/Winter Spring/Summer) wardrobe of 30-40 pieces per season both with pieces you own, and new pieces if you choose.

Ultimate Style Package:

Get ready for a premium styling experience! Choose your package from 2-3 of the options above.

Price: $75/ hr