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Josie Ward

wedding planner

Make Your Dream Come To Life

My name is Josephine Ward and I am the founder of Pocket Full of Dreams. Based in Cardiff, the wedding services that I provide are available across South Wales.

I am a strong believer that anything is possible if you look hard enough. I take a very hands on approach and strive to be honest, professional, and give one hundred per cent to any client that may ask of my services.

What started out as a bit of fun whilst helping my friends plan their weddings turned into the passion to help make the perfect day for a couple making that big step in life.
Weddings can be stressful events, I speak from the amazing experience of planning my own, but they do not need to be stressful for the couple. It is the best day of a person's life and by providing help and support to a couple I can ensure that the day is even better than dreamed of.

I have always been a creative person and decided to put all my creative efforts into something that would not only fill my heart with joy, but provide others with that same feeling and with almost ten years of customer service experience I truly hope I can provide the service and the attention that you and your day deserve.


Pocket Full of Dreams offers a selection of wedding planning packages to save you time, stress and money throughout the entire planning process.
Whether it is only wanting us to source a supplier, co-ordinate and plan the entire day or just to create a proposal for you to work around then we have a package for you.

Complete Co-ordination Package
If all the wedding talk is causing you a headache and you really do not know where to start or where to go then this may be the package for you.
We do everything from helping you find the ideal wedding venue, ensuring payments are prompt and the wedding stays on budget, organising and managing the guests and being there on the day to ensure that perfection is met, to organising the wedding night hotel and even the honeymoon if requested. We will work alongside you to ensure that your needs are met all in a timely manner.

'Don't Stress' Package
If your plan is to organise the event youself but would like that little bit of support on the day to make sure that everything runs smoothly then this is for you. We will meet a month before the big day and discuss at length what you expect from our services.
We will then become the contact for your vendors and we will ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitted into place to ensure that the day is picture perfect. We will arrive at the ceremony venue slightly before the bride and will stay to the end of the evening to help with any last minute requests.

Wedding Search Package
Ever know exactly what you are looking for but not sure where to go for help? Then look no further, this package is for you. No matter what you are looking for – whether it be live doves or a live pianist we can provide a supplier of high standard and a competitive price. We will deal with them directly to ensure that they are able to provide what you are looking for. Once these have been checked then these details will be passed to yourselves to make the final booking.

'I propose a wedding' Package
If you have the idea of what you want your day to be but have no idea as to where to start then this may be what you are looking for. We will initially meet with you to discuss what you want and do not want for your day. We will compile all the ideas, take them away and then produce a proposal to meet your needs.
This proposal will include your theme, and layouts. We will provide suppliers that would be able to meet these specific needs accompanied with costs and where they would fit into the budget set. The proposal is then yours to work around but it would provide you with a start.

Consultation Advice Package
If you know what you want but need a little push in the right direction then our consultation package would be ideal. We offer consultations to discuss anything that is on your mind regarding your day, be this discussing the entire day, an opinion on a menu or just advice on swatches. We are here to take away any unnecessary anxiety and be the post to lean on and that friendly ear.
We will follow up the consultation with a week of support via phone or email where we can offer any other recommendations that will make your day run smoothly.


Getting engaged in October 2012 and setting the date for July 2013 was taking on quite the task. I would like to express my thanks to Josie Ward who helped me plan our wedding from beginning to end. Josie kept me calm, organised and was so supportive. She helped me identify and adapt my highly specific theme of a cider farm wedding in Somerset. Whenever I needed her, she would go through magazines and ideas with me, offering inspiration and guidance. She was only ever a text away. Any worries, concerns or stresses I encountered were instantly resolved or comforted by Josie. It is widely known that Josie has excelled on her wedding planning course so far and has an open mind to individual couples wants and interests. She will truly get to know a couple as well as their tastes and inspirations, then offers ideas to adapt these into any budget. I am myself an organised and productive person however it is remarkably easy to underestimate the pressure and emotions that come when planning the biggest day of your life. Planning a wedding should be exciting but stress can easily take over disrupting the fun. I truly believe my engagement was as magical as our big day with thanks to Josie’s support and guidance over the months. I would definitely advise allowing Josie Ward into the planning of any wedding.

Emily Bryant