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Kayla Tate

hair stylist, makeup artist

Kayla Tate
Midlothian, VA

Let's get glam!

Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Kayla Tate and I am a Professional Virginia Makeup Artist. I am just getting started in the makeup industry. I specialize in special events, Bridal and wedding, and just everyday makeup looks in the Virginia suburbs and city. I focus on creating different types of looks. I can go from Bold and different to natural and fresh .My artist approach and style comes from my belief of "šµš‘’š‘Žš‘¢š‘”š‘¦ š‘–š‘  š‘Žš‘™š‘™ š‘Žš‘š‘œš‘¢š‘” š‘¦š‘œš‘¢".

I come from a background where I have always wanted to become a Makeup Artist. Thanks to QC makeup Academy I was able to pursue my dreams. I always make it a point to build and maintain relationships with all of my clients. As an artist, I love making women feel good about themselves. My clients personal vision, needs, and comfort are the utmost priority.


š—•š—暝—¶š—±š—®š—¹ š— š—®š—øš—²š˜‚š—½: I specialize in bridal makeup and offer on-site application for the bride and bridal party. I am based in Virginia and will happily travel to surrounding areas! Bridal rates start at $150 with a $450 (5 person) minimum for on-location services. Please contact me for a full list of rates and availability.

š—¦š©šžšœš¢ššš„ šžšÆšžš§š­ šŒššš¤šžš®š©: Whether you're celebrating engagement, announcing a pregnancy, looking for a glam look to prom or homecoming, spending a night out with the girls. I can ensure you look and feel fabulous! Special event makeup starts at $45. Please contact me for a full list of rates and availability.