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Samantha Palmer

wedding planner

Samantha Palmer

Winnipeg, MB

Engaged! Have no idea where to start! Feeling exhausted at your list to do! Hire me and let your worries wash away.

My name is Samantha Palmer, I am a wedding planner and have been working in the wedding field for 4 years. I have extensive knowledge on everything from wedding dresses to 3 course dinners. I love weddings and love to plan them.

On your wedding day you shouldn't need to be worrying is the hors d'ouveres are coming out on time, if the topper from your wedding cake has been packed away or if the dj has shown up. These are the responisbility of a wedding planner, to take the stress of the wedding couple and to make sure everthing runs perfectly! I am extremly detail orrientated and have a type A personailty, this combination with planning weddings makes sure that everything you have requested down to the little things becomes your dream.