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Sara Hiscock

makeup artist

Sara Hiscock


Sometimes it's tempting to be a diva...

My name is Sara, and I have been doing makeup since I was about 15 years old. It has always been my favorite hobby, it is like playing for me! I love bold colour, and taking risks with makeup.
I also love people, and my approach is a bit different than other artists. Not only do I want to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside, I care about the client in general. I want to make the session as comfortable and personal as possible. If you like music to relax, then thats what we will have. I try to accomidate everyones needs, especially busy moms!

I have had a passion for makeup since I was an early teenager, and the best part for me is making the client feel that much better about themselves.
Being a young mom myself, I learned how busy life can be and it seems easy to let yourself fall behind to take care of everyone else. Its time for moms to be happy, proud and confident again!
My aim is to give moms a space where they can come get their makeup done, and there will be an area for their children to wait and play. If preferred, I can do home visits to moms of newborns or people in general that find it hard to fit themselves into their busy lifestyle.
I also love to be adventurous with my makeup sometimes, lots of colour and strong bold liner.
I will have fun doing your makeup, so i will make sure your having fun while getting it done!