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Enthral Events

Abby Bourne

event planner, wedding planner

Abby Bourne


An Event worth talking about.

Enthral Events is an events company based in the West Midlands, UK. We are an Event and Wedding Planning company looking to help you with your next event! Whether it being a Baby shower, Birthday party, Wedding and SO much more.

The founder and director Abby Bourne, currently training as an IEWP ( International Events and Weddings Professional) will be able to take the stress away from planning your next event yourself we understand it can be very daunting! We are here to help with every step of the way and organise your ideal event. From venues, florists, catering, transport, decorations we will always be able to create an event worth talking about.


Enthral can offer you the service of having an event planner throughout the whole event process from client consultation all the way through to the event day, however if you just need a hand with smaller parts of the party planning we can always invite you for a consultation to match your needs if it be just finding you a venue!

Enthral will offer event planning for high end clients and corporate market. Enthral will concentrate on three types of event planning:

1. Weddings – Planning a Wedding focuses on not just the Bride and Groom but also focusing on looking after each and every guest at the wedding. Figuring out a budget which will fulfil the client’s desires and needs. Making sure the day goes perfectly, coming up with solutions that may occur and sticking to a detailed timeline incorporating all content; catering, photographer, band etc.

2. Parties – High end party planning focuses on the location of the event and hospitality within. Personal planning with the client prior to the event its self is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. The purpose of a party is to have an enjoyable and memorable occasion so remaining individual with ideas is key to creating a return customer base.

3. Corporate Events - These events are typically used for two different reasons. They are either a leadership training or teaming skills training where employees of the corporations are sent away to develop these skills. In addition to the planning of the events, Enthral will be able to host the event as well. While Enthral's core competencies are not in hosting, Enthral will align itself with a well-respected host of leadership development/teaming skills programs and have them assist Enthral in the hosting aspect. Using a strategic partner in this case allows Enthral to stick with a narrow focus but still offer the service to our customers.