Elyssa Richards

wedding planner

Divine planning to give you the perfect perfect wedding of your dreams.

My name is Elyssa Richards, I am a professional wedding planner with a great love and passion for the event management industry. I am based in and around the South West and am very familiar with the area and am able to recommend the best of the best suppliers.
I will offer a top quality, reliable service 100% committed to each and every person I work with.
My aim is to ensure I give my clients the exact wedding they are after. I focus on not just the big event but also the finer details to provide every aspect of my clients imagination, bringing your dreams to reality.

I have always had passion for the event planning industry and a special love for weddings. This comes through in every event that I co-ordinate.
There is nothing like the feeling of turning someones dreams and imaginations, into a reality.


I offer a range of services to help you right through to your special day. I can assist you at any stage of your wedding, from the first day you decide to get married, or even just days before the big day.
From designing the whole wedding from scratch for my clients, to just simply offering a helping hand with a few details, I am 100% committed to each and every individual and there needs. From weddings abroad to weddings at home, you can create the exact wedding of your choice, there are no bounds when it comes to using your imagination!
I will put as much passion into a small intimate event for a few, as I will for a large glamorous affair for over 500 people.
Working with only a few clients at a time, I ensure that i am able to commit the most time and effort possible to each and every event I take on.
For a wedding of perfect book a free consultation. Divine planning, to give you the perfect wedding of your dreams.