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Candis Nault

wedding planner

Candis Nault

Menomonee Falls, WI

"Elegance Is Our Passion"

I am the proud owner of Monique-Lisettes. My name is Candis Nault residing in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin (USA) Our approach to any business venture is in the details. We believe in quality above all else. We are highly organized with the desire and enthusiasm to succeed on a professional level.

I have been schooled in Real Estate, Accounting and now as an International Wedding Planner. I have worked in the Healthcare Profession for the past 24 years as a private duty healthcare provider.


Monique-Lisettes offers several packages along with consulting services.Consulting Services Hourly pay rate.
Monique Package
Assistance with all your vendors, rehersal and ceremony sites.
Lisettes Package
Assistance with budget planning, vendors, ceremony, reception, bridal suite prep.
Monique-Lisettes Exclusive Package
Personal assistance with all vendor signings,fitting,rehersals,ceremony,taste testing,budgeting,accomendations for out of town guests, bridal suite prep,we will stay through out your special day to make sure things run smoothly. A complimentary champagne basket with our best wishes to the bride and groom.
We are offering $200.00 for the next 12 months for every full service wedding booked.That $200.00 will be given to a charity of your choice. You get a tax deduction while also giving back to the community. That is a very lucky way to start out your new lives together. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


Dear Monique-Lisettes I am more than happy to give you a testimonial. Not only did you make my Daughters day WONDERFUL but you also fullfilled my dreams as the mother of the bride should have. I will reccommend this company for years to come. Your backup plans were fantastic! Your professionalism impecable. We also appreciated your calmness. Thank You Candis. Patricia Welks (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Hello Candis What a day we had. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong however you kept it together and made that day a perfect day for us! We can't tell you how much you mean to us and we appreciate your hard work and all your back-up plans you had.Our wedding turned out better because of your quick thinking. There are no words to thank you but you will always be remembered by all at our wedding. Thank You for making us all laugh when thinks looked Very grim. Mr and Mrs Kevin Ray. (Chicago, Illinois)

We were Monique-Lisettes 3rd wedding and you sure did a fine job for us. Your attitude and professionalism is what every wedding should have. We also loved the tax incentive that you gave. Unique idea indeed! We will be making sure that your name gets out there and we look forward to seeing you in the futher. We also liked the fact of your back-up plans and ideas. You will go far in this business. Thank You again. Mr and Mrs Harvey Hansen (Milw ,Wisc)