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Emilie Desindes

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Emilie Desindes
Sherbrooke, QC

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Hi there! Welcome to Demi-Ly Cosmet-Fx where you will find various service offerings such as makeup applications for all events and special effects makeup applications for holidays etc. If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to ask me. I will be sure to respond within a 24h period.

Thank you for visiting Demi-Ly Cosmet-Fx, and I wish you a very amazing day! :)

Hi, My name is Emilie, I am the co-founder of Demi-Ly Cosmet-Fx. I have always had a passion for makeup ever since I was a little girl. Now, as an adult, I have chosen to put those dreams into reality and show you what I am capable of. I have had quite the experience throughout the years, with makeup application and I am very pleased to meet you all one day, so stop by Demi-Ly cosmet-Fx and lets meet! :)

Have a great day and remember to stay strong as a pearl, stay true, stay you!


Makeup applications for formal events such as weddings, prom, gatherings etc
Special FX makeup applications on demand

Do NOT hesitate to ask me anything, if you do not see what you are looking for in my services. I might be able to help you out!