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Beauty By Lovey

Paula Barnes

makeup artist

Paula Barnes

Cambridge, MD

Every person is LUVLY: Loving. Unique. And Virtuous.

Beauty by Lovey
"Every person deserves their chance to feel LUVLY: Loving. Unique. and Virtuous. And with me? You will get that experience every time

I am so grateful and humbled that you my love are reading this. My name is Paula Barnes, Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist. Beauty by Lovey was designed for men and women to come and get properly pampered on. All of my clients can tell you that they leave feeling personalized, handsome or beautiful, and understood.

Please feel free to check out my services. Leave me an email. Feel free to Give me a call. And lets work together! Thank you so much Beloved for your service! I'm too excited to work with you! Blessings!


Makeup Artistry
Fashion Styling