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Lavish Boutique

Kendra Carpenter

Kendra Carpenter

Buffalo, NY

Styling at it's best

Lavish Beauty Lounge & Boutique was established in 2018 to provide beauty services, styling services, and fashion merchandise to women in the Buffalo, New York area. Treat yourself from head to toe with makeup, lash extensions, and waxing on to our affordable lavish/couture clothing, shoes, & accessories. Shop online and book your beauty or styling appointment online!!!

Kendra C. owner of Lavish Boutique began her fashion journey at age 12/13 when she would go on shopping trips in NYC with her mother. Friends and neighbors of hers would ask them to purchase the latest styles the city had to offer since they weren't always able to travel. Kendra made sure to adhere to each persons personal style and sizes while shopping. Makeup became apart of her style as well and she color coordinated eyeshadow and lip stick or gloss with her outfits. After years of shopping trips and glam, Kendra decided to turn her hobbies into a business and went back to school to become a Fashion Stylist and Makeup Artist at QC Makeup Academy. She now wants other women to experience fashion and beauty as she has, and at an affordable price.


Fashion Retail
Personal Shopper
Styling Services (personal, editorial, event, family portrait)
Closet Cleanout
Makeup Application