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Sydney Friedman

makeup artist

Sydney Friedman

Cleveland, OH

Helping you turn over a new leaf

My name is Sydney Friedman and I am a recent graduate from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. I currently have a Bachelors in business and hospitality and hope to use those skills in the beauty industry.

Over the past five years, my passion for beauty and skin care has continued to grow. I am all about clean and glowing skin, with or without makeup. I have had my fair-share of skincare mishaps and allergic reactions to makeup. As a result, I continue to do countless of hours of research on the best products to use for any skin type.

My goal is to help my clients become the best and most confident version of themselves. My technique in terms of makeup is helping enhance one's features, not masking them. If I can help someone feel a little bit more beautiful on the inside, not just on the outside, then I know I'm doing something right.


I offer skin care consultations, flawless skin lessons, simple makeup, glamorous looks and wedding makeup application.