Kayla Chesser

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Kayla Chesser
George West, TX

The day your appreciation for one another blossoms to ever lasting love; is the day you say I do, and finally you have realized, all your dr

Hey ya’ll!!! Kayla Chesser here, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GETTING HITCHED!! A lil’ about me and how I can service you; don’t worry, everything will be fine, relax and kick back, just let me know what you want and I will be SURE everything you request is what you receive. So, we can make this wedding or party fun or professional, colorful or laid back, detailed or simple, country or elegant, and even if you would prefer to have a costly wedding or simply something inexpensive; I will be sure to bring to you what you fancy. After all ain’t your wedding day supposed to be the day your dreams come true! So let me plan this for you!!

I recently changed my major from going to school to get my bachelors in Criminal Justice to becoming a Bridal Consultant/ Event Coordinator. I have some experience in the wedding planning part. I have planned three wedding’s and well, the first one I planned was a goner, the bride dumped the groom, ha, that’s small town living for ya, but… the second wedding I planned was actually the bride to the first wedding, but to marry a different groom. Watch out! This wedding was short, simple, and sweet. I only had about three months to pull it off, but we (my bride to the next wedding and I) got it done and it was lovely. Now the next wedding I’m planning is a bigger wedding than this last one; and happens to be one of my best friend’s wedding; and I have had a year to plan, and so far so good. Everything is done and well organized, and so far she is completely satisfied. If I can, I will post up some pictures of what previous wedding looked like and decorations so you can see my work. Also, with this wedding coming, I will be sure to put pictures up as well. This wedding ain’t ‘til September, so, I’ll get them up as so as possible.

As for parties, have done a few… nothing to elegant and nothing to huge, but I hope this will soon change. It’s more of family that I have done parties for, but how hard could it be when you have a family like mine.

Nevertheless, I’m here to help you and make everything to your liking! I will listen to all you want and throw my in my input, if you like it, fine, if not, that’s fine too! I am here to assist you and your spouse, or you and your family; which ever is preferred, either which way, I work for you; YOU will get the greatest outcome, the dream you have always wanted.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. I’ll be sure to e-mail you back and answer all your questions to the best of my abilities.

Thank ya’ll and take care!


Complete Wedding Planning and Event Planning
- for couples who want a professional wedding planner to coordinate their entire rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception.
- For individuals and couples who want professional assistants to any event, such as an anniversary, birthday, occupational benefit, family benefit, and so forth…
Rehearsal, Wedding, and Event Coordination
- for couples planning their own event who just need a professional to organize and direct the wedding day activities; with my appearance present, this can be done. Although, this will be consist of you running the show; I will just be there to assist you with whatever you may need.
- If you’d prefer to have the event organized, made up, and designed with my appearance present, this can be done. Although, this will be consist of you running the show; I will just be there to assist you with whatever you may need. We can go over everything prior to the event, say the day before, and make sure everything is up to par, this way the day of the event everything will be perfect and to your liking.
Partial Planning for both Weddings and Events
- for couples who wishes to plan their own wedding, but would like a professional push in getting started and throughout the planning process.
- for individuals and couples who wish to plan their events on their own, but would like a professional push getting started throughout the planning process.
Individual Consultations
- for individuals and couples who want to do everything themselves, but want to learn how to do it as easily and cost effectively.
- Also for any events, if you’d prefer to do everything yourselves, but want to learn how, this is the perfect solution; it’s easy and cost effective.