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Sarah Brunelle

wedding planner

Sarah Brunelle

Cochrane, ON

Wedding Planners are angels sent from heavan to help brides with their special day!

Do you feel like everytime your turn around your either being asked about your wedding or thinking about it yourself? Are you going over that list of things to pick up and do, over and over again in you head? Do you sometimes feel that this day is more about what your family wants, then what you want?

I, wedding planner Sarah Brunelle would be honored to help you out. I have many tools and skills that can help you get through your special day. I am catered many wedding, decorated weddings, cooked for many special events and planned many weddings aswell. I enjoy what I do which makes everything flow even better. When hiring me, I'll be what you want me to be: a right hand man, a deciding factor, a little bit of it all. It's all up to you the Bride.


Things I can Do:
-Help you plan and organize your wedding from the start
-Have a few meetings along the way to make sure your on the right track
-Help you plan and make a budget and stick to the budget
-Have me run the show the day before and the day of your wedding (ei. keep everything running smoothly, pay off bartenders, caterers, photographers, etc)

And/Or I can do it all.