Danielle Hicks

special fx makeup artist

Danielle Hicks
Camby, IN

No shame in my blood game!

Hello FX world,
I am an aspiring Special Effects Makeup artist. As most of us know the FX world is very tuff to make it into. I started doing FX make up 8 months ago, it has always been a life long dream of mine to make it a Career. I picked up some household products one day and went to work. I was very proud of myself for not having any professional products to work with. I slowly started purchasing more and more. I am currently a student working towards my Special Effects Makeup certificate. With lots and lots of room to grow and with practice I hope to make it on set one day, doing make up for movies and shows. If you have a dream to become a special effects make up artist, do not be afraid to go for it. Everything that I have done to this day has all been self taught, I thank the You tubers that post tutorials for teaching me everything I know. Now as a QC student I can take my career further.

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As of now I am just offering services for individuals that are willing to let me practice, by Halloween 2018 I will be more prepared and can add to my services.