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Emily Colman

Gold Coast, QLD

"everyday fashion for everyday people"


My Services
Wardrobe Refresh: $50 for consultation, $75 an hour for wardrobe edit
Perfect for those people who wake up, look at their full wardrobe and think “I have nothing to wear”. For someone who has lots of individual items that just don’t seem to go together.
Emily will show you how to use your pre-existing clothes in different combinations to create new outfits, whilst also discovering what pieces do and don’t work for you, and finding the holes in your wardrobe that need to be filled.
The session includes:
Style consultation (1 hour): In the style consultation, we will go through how you are feeling about your wardrobe, what you are hoping to get out of our session, and what you struggle with about your wardrobe. We will go through what your body shape is, and what pieces suit you best.
Wardrobe edit: We will go through your entire wardrobe and identify the pieces that will work and create outfits from them. We will also identify the pieces that do not work, and Emily will explain why so that you don’t have unsuccessful outfit days in the future. After going through the wardrobe, we will discuss what holes there are, and Emily will give you suggestions on what to purchase to fill these holes.
Within a week of the session, you will also receive a folder full of information on outfit ideas for you, body shapes, colour theory and what you can do in the future with your clothes.

Personal Shopper Package: $50 for style consultation, $100 an hour for shopping
If you go on lots of shopping expeditions but always come home empty handed, or come home with items you never wear then this is the package for you.
Emily will take you to the shops that will suit your budget, style and look. With a casual and light-hearted shopping session, you will be able to go shopping stress-free knowing that Emily is by your side picking out items for you. Whilst it is a shopping experience with a stylist, you will still have full control on what you purchase, and will have a say in what shops you wish to visit.
The package includes:
Style consultation (1/2 hour): The style consultation will be held 1 week before the shopping day, this is to ensure that Emily has enough time to plan your day so that it runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. The style consultation will include a style questionnaire for you to fill out so that Emily can understand what clothes you are after, and what you generally wear. We will also go through body shapes, colours and other key components that are needed to get us ready. After the style consultation Emily will prepare for the shopping day and will start putting your own personal portfolio together.
Shopping day: The shopping day will start off with a cup of coffee and we will sit down and go through the portfolio Emily has put together for you, and how the day will run. After this, the shopping day will start. Emily will have already put aside clothes for you to try on in different shops, however we are not limited to just these clothes. The shopping day will be relaxed and casual, and you will have free reign in choosing other shops you would like to look in, and clothes you would like to try on – this is so that Emily can explain why each piece does and does not work, so that you can have successful shopping trips in the future. The shopping trip is not only for finding new clothes, but for education as well.
Within a week of the shopping day, you will receive the portfolio full of information on outfits, body shapes, colour theory and notes that we have taken from your whole experience.

At Home Styling: $100 an hour
A styling experience in the comfort of your own home and own wardrobe. The at home styling experience will teach you to look at your clothes in a new light and educate you on how new outfits can be created. This is perfect for getting ready for a specific occasion, upcoming seasons or packing for a holiday.
Before we start the session, Emily will send you a questionnaire to fill out in regards to what you are trying to achieve from our session and how you feel about your wardrobe – this is to ensure we don’t waste time on the day and so Emily knows exactly what to do.
On the day: Depending on why you have chosen the at home styling option, Emily will come and work through your wardrobe with you and pick out the outfits you need. Emily will also suggest pieces that you may be missing for your event/s.
Within a week of the session, you will also receive a folder full of information on the outfits we have chosen, extra pieces you could purchase, colour theory and body shapes.

Bridal Styling: $50 for consultation, $120 an hour
You have purchased and looked through every bridal magazine, Pinterest-ed and Instagramed your way into the middle of the night, and found your dream dress that just happens to cost more than what you earn in a year. You might feel lost and hopeless and not sure what to do next, that’s where Emily will step in and help you find THE dress.
The package includes:
Style Consultation (1 hour): In the consultation, we will get all your ideas onto paper and start from there. We will discuss your budget, the wedding location, time of year, weather, body shapes and skin tones, as well as any other concerns we have. Once we have these ideas written down, we will start looking online at various bridal shops and take notes on what dresses you like the look of.
After the style consultation, Emily will start preparing a portfolio for you and will book appointments at bridal boutiques for you that have the dresses you are after.
Shopping Day: We will attend the appointments and look through the dresses, only trying on the ones that are suitable. Emily will pick out dresses for you, and of course if you like any that Emily hasn’t picked out you can try them on as well. The shopping day is completely flexible as you never know if it’s going to be the first dress or last dress you try on.
Within a week of the shopping day, Emily will put together a portfolio for you with details on the dresses you tried (or just the winning dress) with what accessories, bridesmaid dresses and other bits and pieces will go with it.