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Samantha's Moblie Hair & Makeup

Samantha Cam

hair stylist, makeup artist

Have a special occasion? Samantha's Moblie Hair&Makeup comes to you to make all your hair and makeup needs come true.

Hello Beautiful Ladies/Gents
My name is Samantha Maria and i am a senior hairdresser and also studing makeup student. I am here to bring beauty services to the comfort of your own home.

I have been hairdressing for 8 years and i am currently studing makeup. I have been doing makeup on close friends for the last year and this year i had done my first wedding solo hair and making all in the comfort of the brides home.
My goal is to make your life easier i will come to you were you feel most comfortable and to bring the beauty to you. You will have your hair done and also your makeup and make you feel like the beautiful confident person you are.


Mens Cut and Style
Formal Makeup
Day/Evening Makeup
Bridal Makeup
Kids Concert Makeup
Mens Makeup