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Fun ' N Custom Creations/ Classy Fashions

Lisa Ann Johnson

airbrush makeup artist, fashion merchandiser, makeup artist

Lisa Ann Johnson

McDonough, GA

I a Professional Fashion Designer. I am the Owner of the Business. I design, make and sell Clothing and other things for my Business. , such as Tutus, Shirts, Little girls Custom Dresses and lots more. I have also been in the Wedding Planning Business, I also own my own Business for the Fun ' N Custom Creations. I Customize and Design Tumblers, Wreaths, shirts, hoodies and lots more for this Business

I own several Businesses for Different things I do:
*Fun ' N Custom Creations- I will be adding the Classy Fashions to this Business

* LJ Making Memories Photography/Wedding Planner

*Interior Design & Decorating Solutions


Fun ' N Custom Creations/ Classy Fashions: Tutus, T-shirts, Hoodies, Tumblers, Wreaths, Barefoot Sandals, Lots more

LJ Making Memories Photography/ Wedding Planner: I am a Professional Photographer, I take Family and Single Photos, Infants, Kids, Proms, Weddings, and lots more... I am also a Wedding Planner-- I plan your Wedding and design it the way you want

Interior Design & Decorating Solutions: I design your Home and Decorate it for you the way you want it