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Katieann Lowther

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Katieann Lowther

Oklahoma City, OK
808) 937-8022

I will find you the best deals in town.

Hello my name is Katieann Lowther, and I live in Oklahoma City. My wedding day was the happist day of my life, from the planning to the directing i did it all and love every minute of it. I just wish that I could help someone get married everyday. I love finding people deals and making that day less stress for everyone. I have been married for almost 2 yrs and I think of my wedding everyday as great memory.

I went to qc wedding planning schooling, I have helped alot of my good friends with planning there wedding and finding them the best possible deal for their budget.


The services that I offer are finding locations, florist, and all other venders that are needed, I will be as involved or less involved as you need, its really up to you. As many has said this is your day and I want to make it to where you will only have wonderful memories of this day.