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Alexandra Antal

event planner, wedding planner

Alexandra Antal


I honor your dreams and make them true

NAH-MAS-TAY “I honor the light, love, truth beauty and peace within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.”

Hi, I am Alexandra and my dream was to start a business where I can both do my hobby for work and make others’ lives better. Whether it is only one occasion like a wedding, or regularly like an anniversary or a birthday, I can handle it. I will bring happiness and peace into my client’s life.
I know how great it can be to be a part of an amazing event that others still mention many years later.

About me… It is always a bit hard to explain who I am, because we are different, and what interests one client does not always interest another. I offer the opportunity for my client to come in for a consultation and form their own impression personally, which is better than any description.

But, in brief, I‘m an extroverted women, who is always smiling. I like to meet new people and learn about new nations and traditions. It makes me happy when I can help other people be happy.
My talent for organization manifested in high school, where I organized parties for birthdays and anniversaries for my friends and family. I prefer those jobs, where you don‘t have to sit all day long in front of a desk. That is why I think event and wedding planning is a great industry for me. Every day I will have a new challenge where I can show my best.
In my free time I like training in the gym, hiking, doing yoga, reading great books, travelling, and being together with friends and family.

I graduated as an event and wedding planner from QC Event School. I learned with passion and I was always eagerly awaiting the next lesson. I have been a part of numerous events and seminars, like Wedding Expo in Göd (Hungary) and Trau Dich Wedding Exhibition in Vienna (Austria).


I offer a variety of services, because for me is very important that the client can find the right one for herself/himself.

1. Consultation: the first consultation is free for everyone, you are no exception. It takes approximately 1 hour, and you tell me your vision. Be it a wedding or an event, I can help you to realize your dream.

2. Planning and preparation package: consultation and finding the right vendors, venue, and services for your event or wedding. Coordination of all details of the event, right up to the day before it takes place. You get also a timetable for the day.

3. Day-of coordination service: on the day of the event/ wedding, I’m hired to give directions. I can solve last-minute problems and am available whenever and for whatever you need.

4. Complete planning service: includes planning the entire event or wedding and other related activities. I personally oversee and coordinate all of the activities on the day(s)they are held. I coordinate everything, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the day.

5. Advice consultation: If everything is planned and prepared for yourself, but you want to talk it over or make sure nothing was forgotten. Alternatively, if you just need some advice from a specialist, I can offer this consultation.

I know you will find the service for you, so don’t hesitate to write or call me.