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Carly Heung

home stager, interior decorator

Carly Heung

Toronto, ON

Transforming small spaces into ones that tell the story of who you are, where you are from and what you love.

Hello! I’m Carly and this is my outlet for sharing with you my journey into the world of decorating small spaces. I was born and raised in Toronto with parents who loved renovating homes and staying in them only long enough to move right when the renovations were finished. Living in a completed space has always been my dream, so in a way, I am currently living my dream.

1smallspace is an interior décor blog founded in November 2017 dedicated to design solutions, product recommendations, projects and simple ideas for creative small space living that will add space to your home in places you didn’t realize existed. Here you’ll find design tips, easy tutorials, inspiration, and sources to shop the look, plus a bit of my life living in a small space in Toronto. I am truly humbled to share with you in my passion for solving small space challenges and am thankful that you have taken an interest in my journey to get here. Thanks for joining me!


There are many type of interior decor service I would love to be able to offer once I am done my interior decor certificate. These include:
- In-depth consultations - Help you assess your design needs by looking at what works and what doesn't work in your small space
- Space planning - Help you develop a floor plan that will optimize how you can use your small space
- 3D rendering - Help you see the future of your space by creating a 3D rendering of your new space with key pieces of furniture that exist in real life and are sized to their actual dimensions
- Colour consulting - Colour palette development
- Home styling - Creating focal points, accessorizing and putting finishing touches to create the wow factor in your space or help bring out the visual appeal and beauty that your space has to offer
- Assess your style preferences - Create a mood board of the key theme, style and colour choices that most represent your personality for your small space
- Shopping - Create a shopping list of items for you to purchase that will meet your functional and stylistic needs by looking for the best deal available
- Furniture selection and arrangement - Help you select and configure the furniture to maximize functionality without compromising appeal
...and much more!