Jennifer Guzman

wedding planner

Jennifer Guzman
Greensboro, NC


I’m a dreamer, and a visionary. As a little girl I used to play the wedding planner, I always wanted everyone to be happy. And today I still enjoy doing that, as I plan weddings, parties and events, I treat every little detail that goes into it, very delicately, and as if it was my own, taking in account every clients' personal needs and wants and getting their wishes fulfilled.But, perhaps some of my best qualities would be that I listen to my clients,I communicate my thoughts and opinions clearly, and that I'm able to create a personal relationship with each and everyone of them.

I'm relatively new to the field, but, I'm absolutely full of enthusiasm, and I can assure you that you will get me 1000%. I'll be devoted to you, and I'm determined to help you every step of the way.I will be your structure and I will help you and I'll be there for you. I may not have a lot of experience, but, I can devote a lot of time to you. I'm new and therefore my fees reflect that and they are some how cheaper than there will be 5 years later, wen I've gained more experience and have planned lots of weddings. I may not have a huge team or staff of people working for me, but, I can assure you that I'm the primary person, and I will be there throught the event.



For a fee, a sit down with the engaged couple
Discuss the major elements of planning a wedding
A list of Vendors
And other important services

*Take-Home information Package
(A one-time Fee)

A pre-made information package
Learn basic wedding planning info.
Budget Sheets
And other helpful tools
Personalized packages available for an addtional fee.
An in-person discussion is included

* Rehearsal and ceremony package

Plan the rehearsal
Plan rehearsal dinner
Provide day-of services for wedding ceremony

* Cermony and reception package

Plan wedding ceremony
Plan reception party
Provide day-of services to oversee event staff
and vendor performance
Provide additional help whenever it's needed

* Wedding and reception package

Plan the wedding
Plan Reception Party
Day-of services is not provided in this package.
We'll help with planning and assist with everything else entitled to the wedding and reception party,the only difference is that I won't appear in person the day of the party or the wedding.

*The Whole Package Deal

This package includes:

Take-home information package
Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
Reception party
The Wedding

Personalized packages are available for an additional fee.

Please call for prices and information.


Hello, My name is Cristina, and I got married on July 2008. I had never planned anything in my life before,therefore, I asked my friend Jennifer to help me out. Thank God for her, she assured me that she would take care of everything, and she helped me every step of the way from start to finish. Because of her I was able to get everything done on time and everyone was talking about my wedding. Thanks Jen! Cristina Greensboro, NC

I just wanted to thank my wedding planner Jen, for all the great work she did, I know that it was hard work planning for 150 people, on such short notice, but, she was able to manage everything with such proffessionalism, and got everything done on time. My wedding went smoothly without any mishaps. The music band that was supposed to be playing that day, cancelled 2 days before the wedding, and she was able to get a CD that had beautiful instrumental celtic music, which everyone loved and enjoyed and wanted to know where we got it. Thanks Jen for your quick action. Jacqueline Greensboro, NC

I'm glad that Jen, is finally going to get certified, because, that's all she was missing, because, she has all the experience, she needs, and she is very creative and a quick problem solver. I just wanted to say that I highly recommend Jen,to anyone who is planning a wedding or any event, I promise you she will make your event the best ever. She is also a great help when it comes to short budgets, oh, the things she can do with such little money. Anonymous Greensboro, NC