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Briana Glover

Briana Glover

makeup artist

Briana Glover

Hoquiam, WA

Stay happy. Stay beautiful.

Hello beauty! My name is Briana and I am a freelance makeup artist on the rise! I love enhancing features on just about everyone. Makeup for me is a form or art and creativity and I believe anyone can do it. All you need is to pick up a brush and a blank canvas which could be your natural beauty or even a piece of paper.

As a growing makeup artist I still have so much to learn and so much to give and experience. I like to say is that I am learning as I go with my clients, for example : I can be applying a product and I can be asking questions but the client notices the application could be the wrong color and point it out to me and I get to think to myself "You know, you are right! Let's find you the right color." The makeup world is and always will expand its horizons and so will I. Everything I do for myself for my job and even the clients I have I will never not have the time to learn something new, or to practice or just in general getting to know my clients.


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