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Peyton Adams

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Peyton Adams
Peoria, IL

Whatever dream you have, come to life.

When considering my career my first thought was to to focus on Special Event Makeup, but as I dug deeper I realized my passion lay in planning entire events. I cherish creating special times and memories for my family and friends, it has always been important for me. I hold dear every opportunity I have to share my passion with others, to help them realize their dreams and to make lasting memories.
Any event can be memorable but so often we don't take or have the time to realize how important those events are in our lives. I want to enable others to have the necessary time to make memories that will last a lifetime. At Briar Lane Event Planning & Design we will walk with you once upon your dream to make your dream come true in whatever event planning need you have. Let us help make your visions and ideas reality.

I am known by friends and family as stylish and creative so I wanted to have a career that would emphasize those characteristics. Taking from the years I developed my skills in makeup, I always keep up to date on the current trends. As a homeschooled teen I had a lot of time on my hands so I turned to makeup and hairstyling as a hobby, but as it came time for me to choose what career path to take I thought I was dead set on the beauty industry.
It wasn't until I planned my Mother’s 50th birthday party that I realized I had a knack for event planning. So, with a little research I stumble upon QC Event School and knew that it was meant to be.


Event Planning
Liaison to vendors & suppliers
Liaison to vendors and suppliers is your middle man for anything that you need to be relayed to said vendors and suppliers.

Work with you in setting a budget, this is the first step in planning any event. Find the budget that works best for you, it will make the rest of the planning easier.

Scheduling consultations with vendors and suppliers.

Location/Venue selection
To work with you to find the right location or venue with in your budget and timeframe.

Transportation/Parking coordination
Aquire transportation to event, and parking at the event.
Acquiring permits if needed
Applying and picking up permits and filling out necessary paper work.

Arranging catering, entertainers or speakers & event security
Consult with and manage caterers, entertainers/speakers and security.

Event Designer
Decor options
Give decor options to find what you want.

Budgeting for decor
Finding what portion of the event budget is needed for the decor.

Acquiring decor items and supplies
Purchasing and obtaining items needed for the decorations.

Design final product
Work with you to design what you want in the final outcome.