Jennifer Pifferini

makeup artist

Jennifer Pifferini
McKinleyville, CA

MUA in Training

Loving and learning ALL THINGS in MAKEUP

Makeup has ALWAYS been a passion.

Affording school and finding the time has always been a challenge. Losing my job was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has given me time to stay home and be here for my kids. Best of all, it really opened me up to explore and learn more about something I have always had a passion for, MAKEUP!!!!! I found myself deep diving into every makeup artist page and makeup group I could find on facebook, youtube and instagram. I learned some great techniques and slowly people stated to notice, complimenting me on my makeup skills, asking why I wasn't doing this for a living. So, here I am, taking the plunge at 37, A husband and two kids later. The future looks VIVID to me.