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Aleah Moss

makeup artist

Aleah Moss

Savannah, GA

THE BEAUTY BAR, You Are The Cavas!

I was born and raised out of Statesville, NC. Without a passion or plan, I joined the military in July 2013. I’ll be honest; makeup was never my thing until I became interested in filling in my eyebrows in 2015. I went from just using a brow pencil to adding concealer and highlighter only to end up doing a full face and LOVING it. I went through all the motions of a typical hobbyist; you know, spending most if not all my money on different types of implements and products. In 2017 I realized that I wanted to be more serious about everything. Makeup has always been a style of art and esthetically pleasing to me. I wanted to do more with the knowledge and skills I acquired over the years.

I invested in an Online Makeup Academy where “Dipped In Art” was established. I didn’t complete school when I would have liked but! That’s a story for another day! In 2019 during deployment, I decided to end my career as a Soldier and focus on my business and branding myself in the beauty industry. In 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, I started the Master Cosmetology Program at Savannah Technical College. Today, I am a Licensed Master Cosmetologist in Georgia and North Carolina. I specialize in many services to preserve and beautify hair, skin, and nails, Including Makeup Artistry!


COVID Wavers and Client Intake Forms are Mandatory; I will provide the document link.

The services Dipped In Art can provide are as follows but not limited to:

- Event
- Bridal
- Photography

- Glitz Glam includes 2-3 shades of color shadows and, or glitter

- Natural Glam is a level up from soft glam; it includes neutral tones such as your nude pink, brown, and peach tones with dept. Normally between 2-3 shades of shadows.

- Soft Glams include 1-2 shades of neutral tones and sometimes no shadow like a “makeup, no makeup” look or my “everyday” makeup look.

Note: Prices will vary depending on the location and the makeup Look desired. Prices will increase as the service quality increase. For more information about pricing, additional services, and Scheduling, don't hesitate to reach me by phone, email, or through any of my social media business pages. I hope to serve you soon!