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Ashley Wilcox

makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Ashley Wilcox

Calgary, AB

Creative Expressions | Beauty and SFX

My name is Ash, I have completed my Master Makeup Artistry certification, and am currently finishing the SFX course. My goal is to become a Special Effects Artist doing character makeup for Film / Theatre, and will likely be expanding my education in order to meet IATSE requirements. In the mean time I plan on freelancing to get the experience I need.

I love that makeup has such a capacity for creative expression. No matter if its a quick, every day makeup application, a complex in-depth look or even a full body paint; every single one allows for the freedom to express whatever someone is trying to achieve.

It all started when I was bit by a --- uh, wait. Never mind.

My interest in makeup began after finding face paint a viable option for Halloween costumes. A bunch of You tube videos and one giant pumpkin belly later, I had a new captivation.

I began watching online tutorials, and practicing face and body painting on myself, family and friends. I've had the opportunity to work with some local photographers and models for body paint collaborations, and it is an experience that I am very much wanting to repeat.

I found myself needing a change of pace from 12 years of being a Bartender/ Wait Staff, and enrolled myself in Master Makeup Artistry at QC Makeup Academy. I passed, and I was hooked. I then jumped into the SFX side, and hopefully will continue my curve of learning!

Between being a mom of three, modelling, attempting to teach myself photography, and my future career, I can't wait for the journey ahead.


I am currently offering:
Basic Makeup Applications
Face and Body Painting
Please email me to book a consultation.