Makeup by Emma Mari

Emma Kiessling

Emma Kiessling



As I have found out, people love having their makeup done even more than I love doing makeup. So please, let me be of service to you on your special day, for a big event or simply for a girl's night out of the town. I want to make you feel even more beautiful than you already are!

My name is Emma and I am in the business of beauty.

As a six year old, I took a different approach to childhood. While some children would "define" themselves as silly, kind, or "a tomboy", I once wrote on a school project (think first grade), "I am Emma and I am a diva." At that point, my mom knew she was in for it. I took a love for all things girly and glitzy.

Being a dancer my entire life, there was something I loved even more than getting on stage in front of everybody to perform. What made my heart skip beats was behind the scenes. It was the dressing rooms filled with a hairspray fog and makeup spread out across vanities that had mirrors laced with bulbs.

When I went to college, I followed the trend and spent my free time perusing makeup tutorials on YouTube. I taught myself the basics - contouring, lip finishes, how to get the best eye lashes. And to an extent, I mastered these. I became the go to gal for getting my friends ready to go out on a Saturday night.

Needless to say, once I graduated college and got out into the corporate world, I was yearning to have a creative outlet. When a friend encouraged me to take my makeup hobby to a professional level, it stuck with me. I pursued an education in makeup artistry so that I could gain the professional experience needed to provide YOU with the most outstanding, glamorous experience of your life!


What can you expect?

- Trial and day of on location traditional makeup sessions to enhance your natural beauty for any special moment - your wedding day, a big event or just a night out on the town.
- Makeup by Emma Mari will travel within a 30 mile radius of Center City, Philadelphia to ensure you feel beautiful on what is to be no ordinary day or evening!